Setting Goals as a Couple: The Key to A Healthy Relationship

Mitzi Bockmann
7 min readJul 6, 2023

I know, it doesn’t seem very romantic does it, setting goals as a couple.

After all, you have found your soulmate. Shouldn’t you just be able to live happily after in peace and harmony?

Ideally, yes. In the real world, though, things aren’t so simple. And, as a result, goal setting is key to having the healthy relationship that you want

Why is setting goals as a couple important?

When I talk about setting goals, I often refer to the workplace. Do you and your team mates set goals about what you are going to get done. Do you set benchmarks so that you know that you are making progress? Does this methodology work to keep your team successful?

I bet it does. So why wouldn’t you do the same in a relationship?

In a relationship, you are two members of a team who want a happy life together but the path there isn’t always a straight one. There are so many complicated pieces of life that can get in the way of our happiness, obstacles that can block our way forward.

That is when it’s important to set goals. To clear that path so that you can navigate the marriage with the goal of happiness always in sight!

So, when setting goals in a couple, what kind of…



Mitzi Bockmann

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